Rob Sparks Offers 2020 Higher Ed Predictions in eCampus News

The year is off to a running start, with 2020 bringing the promise of new innovations to address the higher ed landscape’s most critical pain points – including implementing technology to combat

 continued debt issues, reduce budget pressures and address reduced numbers of incoming students nationwide. Offering an expert perspective on what’s ahead for higher ed in 2020, Chief Marketing Officer Rob Sparks recently authored an article for eCampus News, “What’s ahead for higher ed in 2020?,” that includes major trends that he sees heating up this year. Overall, Rob expects a continued focus on technology investment across public and private institutions offering both four-year and two-year degree options in 2020.

Rob’s major predictions also include the trend of institutions working to solve the enterprise-wide technology integration puzzle for improved overall student success; a shift away from only targeting 18-year-old traditional students and instead diversifying collegiate revenue sources; and expanding virtual access for international students to accommodate evolving student population needs.

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