Introducing Campus Management’s New Student Verification Solution

Ending the year on a high note, Campus Management was very excited to announce our new Student Verification Solution this month. Designed to ease the major stress typically associated with the student financial aid process, the new

 cloud-based, application-driven solution is part of our ongoing student success innovation initiative. In a nutshell, Student Verification helps institutions automate workflows, achieve regulatory compliance and ensure proper communication is in place for timely financial aid processing.

We are proud to have University of Wisconsin-Madison as an early adopter of Student Verification and they have already seen major results. In fact, since implementing the solution, their team has experienced a dramatic reduction in financial aid processing – namely students’ verification processing times have been cut in half!

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According to Derek Kindle, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Director of the Office of Financial Aid, “It is now significantly easier for our students and their parents to submit the required financial aid documents in a secure electronic format and for us to communicate with them in real time with optimal transparency.” He added, “Campus Management’s Student Verification solution has helped our institution transform our entire financial aid application process for the better.”

Institutions that implement Student Verification can rapidly improve their students’ financial aid experience while freeing up staff resources to focus on more complex scenarios that support students. The solution’s automation helps them keep students and administrative staff on track and compliant in a paper-less environment with automatic notifications and student access via any device. There are also optional features within the solution to assist in processing comment codes and professional judgments.

We are thrilled to continue rolling out Student Verification across institutions nationwide in 2020 and continue expanding our suite of offerings to comprehensively address key student success factors. Click here for more information about Student Verification.

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