Higher Ed Executives Reveal Key ERP Challenges and Initiatives in Gatepoint National Survey

How satisfied are today’s institutions with their current ERP system? Is the technology living up to their expectations, operational needs, and goals? Is the platform delivering the insight needed to develop and execute strategies?

A recent Gatepoint Survey of higher education executives sponsored by Campus Management reveals the state of current ERP systems across the higher education landscape and their effectiveness in driving operational success and adapting to the rapidly evolving needs of institutions and their students.

Between September and October 2019, Gatepoint Research invited select college and university executives and other key decision-makers to participate in a survey themed Higher Education Software Strategies.

  • What are their key initiatives in the next 12-18 months?
  • What systems do they have in the cloud?
  • How scalable and open are they to integrations?

More than 100 executives at institutions throughout the country responded to these questions and more related to the current state of their technology. This infographic captures and summarizes the key findings based on their responses.

Check out the survey’s major findings in this INFOGRAPHIC

The fact remains that for key decision-makers in higher education today, integrating and maintaining a complex technical infrastructure, including systems for student information and engagement, academics, human resources and finance, institutional research, career placement, and alumni relations, remains a critical factor for delivering on their strategies and goals in 2020.

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About Gatepoint Research
Since 1996 Gatepoint Research, a subsidiary of SimplyDIRECT, has used opt-in, invitation-only surveys to collect industry research from executives in leading technology companies. The clients who sponsor such research use the information to gain insight into user needs, analyze IT and business trends, forecast innovation direction and generally support critical decision-making.

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