Excellence Awards Put Higher Education Institutions Center Stage at CampusInsight 2019

This year’s presentation of the Campus Management Excellence Awards at CampusInsight 2019 was one of the highlights of the conference in Orlando. CEO Jim Milton and Senior Vice President of Field Operations Jim Brigadier brought the winners on stage after the packed audience heardtheir success stories and video testimonials. Later at CI2019 London, Campus Management’s users conference for international clients, two innovative universities were recognized with Excellence Awards.

The awards recognize higher education institutions that have embraced innovative technology to achieve measurable outcomes, improve efficiencies and better serve students and faculty.

ECPI University (Vision & Innovation)
ECPI University received the excellence award for empowering nontraditional student through flexible terms, rolling starts, online programs, and automated financial aid processes.

  • Evolved from 100% manual processing for financial aid to 100% automated
  • Transmitted 121,919 student records without any failure
  • Resolved 59.000 exceptions automatically over seven months
  • Cut file transfer times by 50%

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Mercer University (Operational Efficiency) 
Through innovative web-based processes, Mercer University was able to automate and transform its billing processes, eliminate manual processes, and keep students and staff informed in real time.

  • Managing student accounts in arrears used to take 5 employees at 8 hours a day – now it takes 3 employees at 1 hour per day
  • Student ledger adjustments used to require 15-20 hours researching student records – now takes less than five minutes
  • Ledger extraction used to require 2-4 hours researching each student – now takes about five minutes to research each student

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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Student Success)
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley deployed CRM campus-wide to unite departments and staff in driving enrollment success, which contributed to a retention rate of over 80 percent.

  • In one campaign, identified nearly 8,000 students eligible for Pell Grant, with over 2,000 enrolling
  • Identified over 6,000 students enrolled in 12 hours who could register for an additional 3-hour course without incurring additional costs
  • Achieved a first-year retention rate of nearly 80%

CI2019 London Excellence Awards

Middlesex University London (Student Success) 
CI2019-London-awards-2Middlesex University London implemented a holistic solution to automate processing and tracking of inquiries utilizing the built-in Case Management solutions within Radius. The university also integrated Gecko Engage to maintain a single version of the truth for all inquiries coming in from multiple communication channels. They also have ambitious plans to roll out the solution to their satellite campuses and offices globally. By using the solutions together, they were able to manage over 36,000 cases in one year.

Birmingham University (Operational Efficiency)
CI2019-London-awards-1Birmingham University used technology to engage with prospective students in a more customer friendly approach to engagement. They are using analytics and tracking to encourage communication. By creating innovative calls to action and interactive personalised content, including personalized videos and an offer calculator, the university has seen an increase in interaction with their prospects, while improving operational efficiency.

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