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When my sons were little, the Lego aisle at Toys “R” Us was nirvana. They would stare at all the kits and buckets of little pieces and imagine fortresses, heroic deeds and creations that would save the universe.

The really fun part was when they would get the kits home. My kids would build and modify along the way to make sure that their vision came to life, even if it meant tossing the instructions. There was so much possibility in those bricks!

I saw those same looks of wonder and possibility on their faces when we toured colleges years later. Their future stretched out like one of those flat Lego platforms – just waiting for them to mix and match the bricks to build their futures...their dreams.

Do you see those same looks on potential students’ faces when they are touring your campus? Do you hear the excitement in a prospect’s voice, when they call to inquire about a program? At the 2019 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, we are inviting you to visit our booth, #1544, and dream about how today’s technology can help you create the future for your students, faculty and staff.

Whether your students are fresh out of high school or adult learners dreaming of recreating their futures, we want to make sure you have the tools to dream with them. Join a scheduled briefing or stop by for a conversation to find out how YOU can help transform your institution. Even if your students’ ‘instruction manual’ doesn’t quite fit the mold, would you encourage them to build their pathways with only one-sized brick? Or will you empower them with the flexibility to choose classes that teach to the skills they need, in the timeframe that fits their lives.

At Campus Management, being a part of an institution’s innovation, growth and student success stories are what inspire us every day. We have a front row seat to all the amazing work institutions do for their students. We welcome the opportunity to talk about how you can move closer to creating the future at your institution, and maybe that means one piece at a time. We’ll make sure the systems that run your operations create possibilities for your students to build the future.

Now if I can just convince my sons to take all their Lego creations to their apartments and out of my basement….how many Star Wars ships does a mom need?

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