Analytics is Redefining "Out-of-the-Box"

“Buy lots of batteries.” That’s one of the tips a family member gave me when they found out I was adding a new member to the family. At the time, I thought that was terrible advice. What about buy lots of diapers or start

 their college fund early?! Fast forward

 a few years, I realized that was phenomenal parenting advice. Very few children’s toys come with the batteries included. In fact, most say “batteries NOT included.” Without batteries, most toys don’t work, so out-of-the-box they aren’t operational.

Toys have been giving “out-of-the-box” a bad reputation for decades, so when we created the Analytics package at Campus Management, we wanted to change that preconception. Out-of-the-box, we are empowering users of CampusNexus Student and CampusNexus CRM with advanced analytics dashboards for gaining insight, identifying trends, and measuring performance. We have made sure that our Analytics package is operational, data-rich and transparent from the day it is implemented.

We do all the hard work, which means that the data used in our analytics package doesn’t come straight from the warehouse and get dumped into visualizations. Instead, our analytics team developed a transparent methodology where the data is filtered through higher education-focused algorithms that are measured and go through metrics. The methodology is available for clients at Easy and transparent.

In the past year, we created an Analytics Advisory Board. Our Board meets every 4 to 6 weeks to discuss new additions to the analytics package. With these client recommendations and requests, we are constantly innovating and adding value to the out-of-the-box analytics package. Approximately once a quarter, we have a new release available for clients.

Two of my favorite things about our Analytic package are:

1. The way data is visualized through the Microsoft Power BI dashboards. The dashboards are business intelligence tools that are customizable, live and interactive. Power BI makes data-driven decisions easier by giving access to data when you need it.

2. How the dashboards and reports can be embedded into our web client for CampusNexus Student, the student portal and faculty portal. For instance, giving a Registrar access to the admissions reports in the web client allows them to save time by interacting with the reports within the product without having to open multiple products.

The bottom line is “out-of-the-box” has been redeemed at Campus Management. When you select the out-of-the-box Analytics package, you are going to connect directly to dashboards and reports that will help you take action as soon as you implement. We know that you need to produce reports for decision makers at your institution and guide students with data-rich visualizations, so we are working hard to give you the tools you need. It’s our mission.

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