Advice from Inside Higher Ed: Preparing College Graduates for Career Success

Many people wonder what the real value of a college education is – after all, the cost of going to college and earning a bachelor’s degree or even an associate degree only continues to rise. However, research continues to show that the payoff of a college degree in both securing competitive jobs and increased salaries cannot be underestimated.

Despite this demonstrated value, there are false narratives about the need for college degrees and many college students are not receiving adequate preparation for their post-graduate careers. And with ever-escalating higher education student debt, some may question whether it is worth it to stay the course. This experience is reflected both in students at traditional four-year institutions and non-traditional learners who are already in the job market and attending classes while balancing family responsibilities. To help address these issues, Campus Management recently sponsored a webcast and booklet with Inside Higher Ed, titled, “Student Success for Life: How Colleges Prepare Graduates for Careers” to provide resources around maximizing the value of a college education and improving success rates for students as they enter the competitive workforce.


Watch the Webcast

Hosted by Inside Higher Ed editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman, the webcast, Student Success for Life: How Colleges Prepare Graduates for Careers, is available now. In the webinar, the editors offer critical advice on revolutionizing institutions’ approaches to advising, including nudging students with more personalized direction and fostering real-world professional skills throughout a student’s time on campus – rather than trying to fix a lack of preparation with a last-minute career-centered push.

Read the Booklet

The articles in this compilation look at some of the issues involved in student success for life – for completing college and preparing for career success. Read the booklet for a new perspective on preparing graduates for careers.

Our Campus Management team takes pride in helping our institutional clients offer a data-driven, connected approach to driving student success at every level – from recruitment and enrollment through all phases of campus engagement leading up to graduation and beyond. We hope you find the Inside Higher Ed webinar and booklet helpful in strengthening your connections with students on campus and setting them up for success after graduation.

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