The Campus Management Blog: Deconstructing the Complexity of Higher Ed

There is no shortage of buzzwords today for creating fear or confusion as institutions strive to grow and thrive in the evolving higher education landscape. Our Chief Strategy Officer Mark Armstrong recently discussed the complexity of today’s higher education community in a video, where he notes, “Campus Management has a sole focus on the higher education community and finding ways to help institutions evolve to the changing business models and needs of today’s institution.” Our job as a trusted advisor and partner to many global institutions and to our partners is to highlight where we see higher education going and identify the important incremental steps we can enable to chart a new path for today’s modern institution.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, chatbots and data lakes are innovations moving through the hype cycle and landing on a campus near you. They require context and while they are not the panacea to campus problems, they are enablers that can help institution’s address challenges and improve the student and faculty experience.

This blog will highlight many of the innovations and ways in which Campus Management, in partnership with key strategic partners, is working to reduce the complexity that Mark mentions in his video.

Our hope is to begin a dialog with both our customers and the higher education community that allows us to learn from you as much as we share opinions and views from our leadership team. Equally important, we would like to also ensure that our strategic partners are part of the conversation – so watch out for periodic guest blogs from such notable market influencers as Microsoft and others.

We hope you find this higher education blog a valuable resource and encourage you to check back often for the latest industry insights.

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